Marcy Parker

Marcy Parker is an Accredited Staging Professional and the Garrell Group’s in-house expert on design and home organization. In her role as Client Concierge, she connects the team’s seller clients with the resources they need to get their homes ready to sell for the most money and in the shortest amount of time. Marcy’s discriminating eye for detail and design is critical in presenting listings in a way that appeals to the most potential buyers, ultimately resulting in better offers. She helps to make the selling process less overwhelming by coordinating contractors and facilitating the ideal enhancements and staging that will maximize return on investment.

Always friendly and easy-going, Marcy loves to meet new people and help them through their home sale journey. She got her start fixing up her own family homes as they moved from state to state, and her design and DIY projects garnered great interest and quick offers when it came time to sell. Realizing the value of her talents and her passion for working with homes, Marcy began helping her friends with decor decisions, which turned into a career — and the rest is history!

When she’s not helping clients, you can find Marcy curled up with a book and a cup of coffee, and sharing time with her husband, her two teenage children, and her dog, Lexi. Marcy received her degree in Education from University of Texas, and she continues to work part-time teaching reading at Catoctin Elementary. She stays active with yoga, recreation outdoors, and of course with her own home-DIY projects in the continual quest for the perfect space.