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Top 5 Things To Do in Leesburg, VA

There’s always something to do in beautiful Loudoun County. Whether you enjoy a walk through history or a relaxing day viewing the rolling hills with a glass of wine in your hand, there’s something for everyone. But if we had to narrow it down to just a few, these are the top five things to do in Leesburg, Virginia.

Hit the slopes... inside!

There are plenty of ski mountains in the surrounding areas, but what happens when the weather warms up and the snow all melts? Well, the slopes are still great in downtown Leesburg.
Leesburg, VA is home to the famous Inside Ski Training Center. As the name might suggest, it’s a ski training center just like you’d find on some crazy mountain, except it’s inside!
No, there’s no indoor mountain. The training center is like a slippery treadmill that you can ski on. You can adjust the slope to fit everyone from the newest beginners to the most seasoned ski veterans. They even offer lessons! The Inside Ski Training Center is definitely a must-do adventure when you visit Leesburg.

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Check out the beautiful Morven Park

If you prefer a more laid-back kind of Leesburg experience, Morven Park is the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon.
Morven Park sits on 1,000 acres of pristine Northern Virginia landscape. It’s full of historic sites, scenic views, and plenty to see and do. Here are just a few of the things you can do in Morven Park:

· World-renowned equestrian center
· Davis Mansion
· Center for Civic Impact
· Windmill Carriage Museum
· Scenic formal gardens
· Miles of beautiful nature trails

Even better, you can experience the sights at Morven Park with your furry friend. Dogs are always welcome! Just make sure you clean up after your pet and keep them on a leash.
Whether you have an hour or an entire day, it’s never a bad time to visit beautiful Morven Park.

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Visit the historic downtown

Once you’ve finished skiing and walking though Morven Park, head to historic downtown Leesburg for some of the best shopping, dining, and quaint ambiance you can find in Northern Virginia.
The historic downtown is packed with everything from boutiques and chic home décor shops to restaurants, cafes, breweries, and bars. If you’ve heard the expression “a town with character,” they were talking about Leesburg!

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Ride the ferry across the Potomac

Back in the day, there used to be hundreds of ferries that crossed the Potomac. It was the best way to cross! Today, they’ve all been replaced by metal and concrete bridges covered in asphalt — except for one!
White’s Ferry is the last remaining ferry operating on the Potomac River. It connects White’s Ferry Rd. in Leesburg, VA to White’s Ferry Rd. in Montgomery County, MD. (Wonder how the road got the name…?)
If you want an easy and adventurous way to cross the Potomac into Maryland, you can drive your car down the boat ramp and right onto the ferry. The ferry looks like a little barge that follows a wire across the river. Enjoy your ride across the scenic river and feel for yourself how they used to do it a hundred years ago.

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Drink a glass of wine (or two)

Leesburg, VA, and Loudoun County in general, is known as DC’s wine country — and for good reason! There are over 50 world-class wineries for you to enjoy. You could spend an entire week visiting different wineries and trying all the vintages and still not taste them all.
If you want a private showing of the best of the best Leesburg has to offer, check out some of the wine tours. You can also download the wine trails guide and discover for yourself what makes Leesburg, VA a destination for wine lovers from all over. There’s no better way to finish out an exciting day in Loudoun County.

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Leesburg, Virginia can’t be boiled down to just five activities. There are plenty of things to do! If you want to extend your stay in Northern Virginia, reach out to the real estate experts at the Garrell Group. We’d love to help you find the property of your dreams in beautiful Leesburg. Contact us to start your search today! We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

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